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Hormones Naturally...
Do you need help?

The good news is I have been helping people get from frustration to symptom-free for nearly 20 years.

Of course all of these symptoms (see below) are simply telling you that something is wrong, something is out of balance.

Hormones can do that to you. If you have been struggling with hormonal issues you have come to the right place.

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  • hot flushes, night sweats
  • skin crawling
  • chin hairs
  • fuzzy thinking
  • emotional outbursts
  • angry
  • depressed
  • anxious
  • no energy
  • allergies
  • blood sugar worries
  • acne
  • stressed out
  • brittle hair, nails and bones
  • painful, heavy or irregular periods
  • loss of sex drive
  • Are you finding it difficult to get pregnant or maintain the pregnancy?
  • Postnatal challenges?
  • Do you ever feel like killing your husband just because?
  • Have you forgotten what joy is like?
  • Do you have teenage daughters going through their own hormonal dramas...AGH!

How we do it?
Training your endocrine glands (they make the hormones) to play as a cohesive team effectively makes those symptoms go away.

When your thyroid gland can communicate effectively with your adrenal stress glands good things happen and you can stop having those Ground Hog Day moments.

Over and over again. Now your life can just get better, naturally.

Most people do not know that the endocrine glands work as a system and that it is really easy to train that system back to the way it is supposed to support you in life.

Stress, lifestyle choices, genetics and many other factors can tip your hormones out of balance.

The difference between us and mainstream medicine is we do not depend on drugs or surgery - ever.

If that sounds good to you call and book in for your $90 hormone checkup using gentle biofeedback muscle testing.

No blood tests. Why? Because women's hormones change moment to moment. Someone just has to walk in the door!

Blood tests just do not show the RELATIONSHIPS between those endocrine glands.

So get your body back to living rather than just surviving.

Symptoms are just there to get your attention.

You simply need some help.

Welcome, you have come to the right place.

The Neuro-Training Process does not make assumptions based on symptoms.

Symptoms are not the problem, they are just A problem.

Symptoms show an imbalance somewhere within you…And symptoms have a nasty way of escalating to get your attention. Sure drugs can suppress symptoms... but at what cost to your long term health and well being?

I have identical twins. They may exhibit the same symptom (a cold, a wart, a broken toe, teenage hormonal outbursts) BUT they each require something different to get over that same symptom.

Double blind studies are simply not going to work. No two people are the same.

If it's not the same for identical twins how can it possibly be the same for you?

You are unique
Your genetics mixed with your life experiences and how you have expressed yourself create the uniqueness of you.

What works for somebody else may suppress your long-term health and well being.

Because YOU are an INDIVIDUAL and what YOU need is extremely likely to be different to what others need, no two clinical balances are the same.


So what do you want to be better? Write it down and bring in your list. And have a more Beautiful Life.
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By accessing the Nervous System, via Muscle Monitoring, NeuroTraining can find information stored deep within your subconscious, your nervous system and in your very cells, to find where the missing links are in your ability to Recuperate and do life better.

We can then create APPROPRIATE new connections. A new better neurological option for long-term health and well being.

And we all want life to get better right?

When we address what you actually need (from what your nervous system has expressed through the muscle bio-feedback system) you can start moving out of compensation and into RECUPERATION. Out of defence and back into living.

Sounds good right?

All Natural, All Empowering. All done fully clothed.

This is not a replacement for medical intervention.

(I think I need to legally say that).

Neuro-Training is a great support to assist you & your nervous system to get back on track and help resolve those internal conflicts that are creating your uncomfortable symptoms AND using your energy.

Regardless of whether your issue is mental, emotional or physical, this will be a major step forward in training your entire nervous system to recuperate and integrate to new, better, more beautiful life levels.

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